Educational Videos for Students: How to Create?

Educational Videos for Students

Creating video content can be a very good way to assist students in their learning. The fact that students can rewind recorded videos to watch back the points they might have missed, makes videos instantly more effective than any traditional class lecture. On top of that, once the teacher has produced some video content, he/she … Read more

5 Things to Know about Google Classroom for Teachers

Google Classroom is a very simple yet powerful Learning Management System (LMS) for teachers to adopt compared to others out there. Still, there are a few things a teacher should know and be careful about when using Google Classroom without knowing which, even a simple tool like this, can become very bothersome. Here are 5 … Read more

Use PowerPoint Morph Without Subscription

PowerPoint Morph without Subscription

PowerPoint has been always a powerful tool for teachers and students when it comes to present their ideas, lectures, projects and what not? PowerPoint is becoming stronger with passing days. The option to add different background images, adding different shapes and smart shapes, inserting text, word arts, images, links, and videos, adding different animation effects, … Read more

Google Classroom Code in Full Screen

Google Classroom Code

Google Classroom always prioritizes the convenience of teachers and students. The main idea is to make the platform hassle-free so that teachers and students can put more concentration on teaching and learning. Google Classroom has a very easy student invitation option for teachers. Whenever a teacher creates a class in Google Classroom, it generates a … Read more

Google Classroom Class Tiles: How to Rearrange

Google Classroom Class Tile Rearrange

Google Classroom is a great tool for teachers to create classes and manage them with very fewer efforts compared to other Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there. It comes with the slogan, “More teaching, less tech-ing”. With the option to move or rearrange Google Classroom Class Tiles, managing your classes becomes even more convenient. Up until … Read more